How to become a Member?

The following outlines the process that must be followed for someone to become a member of the Herstelling/Onverwagt Multipurpose Co-operative Society (HOMCS)

1. A new person must receive an application from a current member of HOMCS

2. The new application must be completed in full and submitted to the membership committee

3. The membership committee will review and if necessary, contact the applicant for additional information.

4. A prospective member will be allowed to attend up to two general meetings prior to making a final decision of completing the application process.

5. Once the review process is completed, the membership committee will contact the applicant of the final decision of the committee.

6. Successful applicants will be directed to complete the financial requirements of membership dues as outlined in the application.

7. The membership committee will send via email a complete membership package to new members including the new member HOMCs identification number

8. Download & Read Initial Share Capital Offering Letter.


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