Aside from the Oil, land, and Gas industry and the Technology industry, the agriculture industry is the third best viable industry in the world, especially since the emergence of new technological innovations that have helped to make the food production process more accessible.  The demand for food, especially rice, is high, and the supply is not enough to meet the increasing world population.

Herstelling/Onverwagt Multipurpose Cooperative Society (HOMCS) Limited had applied to the Government of Guyana for 16,150 acres of land in the MMA/ADA scheme to cultivate food in response to this growing demand for food locally, regionally, and internationally. It was issued a letter of approval for 8,500 acres and is pursuing the additional acreage. The lands are located in the upper Berbice River area of the MMA/ADA and require drainage before operations can be undertaken in that area. Meanwhile, the HOMCS has leased 50 acres of land at Millie's Hideout off the Soesdyke-Linden Highway and has developed plans for a Learning Farm/Pilot Project using integrated technologies to optimize productivity and minimize its carbon footprint.

The HOMCS is engaging with the Government to include the 16,150 acres in its plan development of an additional 54,000 acres in the MMA/ADA to increase agricultural production. The development program provides drainage and farm-to-market road infrastructure as part of its agricultural development program.

The HOMCS has initiated discussion with Vice President Jagdeo on the matter of having the full allocation of 16,000 acres of land in the MMA/ADA Rice Development Scheme on the West Bank of the Berbice River. He has referred the matter to the Minister of Agriculture.



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