The purpose of education is to empower its beneficiaries to function their environment. It is the primary tool that enables people to pursue happiness, a good family life, proper relations within our families, and communities, to become good citizens and parents, and to prosper

For the African, the meaning of education has special significance because of the history of European interference in their socio-cultural and economic development through enslavement, colonialism, and exploitation, lately by multinational corporations. It is a prolonged and uninterrupted period of hundreds of years of brutal exploitation that has left entrenched systems of inequality and mischaracterized self-perceptions. It was this realization that moved the Hon. Robert “Bob” Marley to amplify the message of Ethiopian Emperor, His Majesty Haile Selassie;

“Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery
None but ourselves could free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
For none ah dem can stop the time.”

The centuries of horror and humiliation have not ended; they have only changed form and have become more institutionalized.

The HOMCS education program is designed to fulfill the fundamental purpose expressed earlier, within the context of Cooperatives, sound knowledge of the African origins and its capacity to drive social and economic change in our communities and the nation. The content and processes of our education must inspire learning and liberation.



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